The UC6 aims to offer cutting-edge technological solutions created by TrialsNet for the most effective coordination for first-case responders in the context of i) triage and coordination of resources at the scene of mass casualty incidents, which could be building collapses, earthquakes, fires, or other large-scale emergencies, and ii) an emergency evacuation in the context of a crowded sporting or cultural event. This use case has the ambition to demonstrate the viability of a coordinated response in a densely populated area as well as more effective and digitally traceable pre-hospital care by first responders in the event of MCI. Through this use case, cutting edge (and 5G/B5G/6G) technologies will be shown off in a large-scale field exercise for more effective first responder communication, quicker and more efficient triage, and pre-hospital treatment, and they will be compared to the baseline approach using conventional approaches. The evacuation part of the use case will be implemented both in Athens and in Spain with the use of a different Fifth generation of mobile communications (5G) infrastructures.