In the following some examples are reported on how SNS and future network technologies can bring benefits for Infrastructure, Transportation, and Security & Safety domain and that will be deployed as part of the large-scale trials performed by TrialsNet.


Public infrastructures with their operations and services are being modernized and expanded and therefore require proactive assets management through transformative digital solutions and ecosystems. Several problems/damages related to the building and maintenance process are currently unsolved or uncontrolled due to the limited infrastructure management methods which can offer cost savings and automated decision-making. Proactive maintenance of infrastructure in public spaces is critical for the city’s infrastructure and the coordination of its maintenance is a time and human-consuming task. Additionally, within the city, different agencies and departments must cooperate for these tasks, hence an innovative approach that will provide foreseen actions rather than ad-hoc is major added value. New SNS and B5G (towards 6G) systems will sustain the increase of the safety of the workers and reduction of required resources through proactive approaches by exploiting data coming from municipal vehicles, weather information, images, and video coming from security cameras and combining them with drone camera inspections.


The growing size of cities and increasing population mobility have determined a rapid increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, which has resulted in many challenges for road traffic management authorities in relation to traffic congestion, accidents and air pollution. SNS and B5G (towards 6G) systems can provide the design, development and deployment of the envisioned tools that will validate the concept of intelligent traffic management and successfully support the B5G and 6G applications in large-scale environments by enabling a tight interaction between humans and the surrounding environments through the usage of IoT Sensors, Computer Vision (CV), LIDAR Enhanced Vision, On-Demand Intelligent and Autonomous Drones Surveillance and Cameras, within a robust, Zero-Touch Management capability of Edge resources.

Security & Safety

The high concentration of people in public areas, stadiums, sports facilities and concert areas and the social impact of these types of events make security a crucial issue for each city. In championships, where there may be a high level of rivalry between teams, there is a higher risk of violence and incidents. In most extreme cases, relevant international competitions may be subject to terrorist threats. Critical areas, such as the access to the facilities, corridors and stands must be controlled and monitored, as well as the game area itself to avoid incursions or throwing objects. Additionally, security and safety measures are needed within the tourist and cultural places in urban areas - outdoor and indoor. New SNS and B5G (towards 6G) systems can utilize cameras, sensors, XR, metaverse, and digital twin solutions to assist in prevention, management and simulation of emergency conditions for safety and security of people and operators.

Use Cases