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Prosegur, in its last press release (ES), tells about its participation in the TrialsNet project. In particular, Prosegur states how this project offers a unique socio-technical perspective towards the early adoption of 6G technology in Europe.

In TrialsNet, Prosegur will play an active role in the Infrastructure, Transportation, and Security & Safety (ITSS) area, leading a Use Case about Smart Crowd Monitoring, seeking to capitalize on the advantages offered by 5G/6G technologies for the protection of individuals at large events. Prosegur also hosted the last plenary meeting of the project, the past 20th of February, in its headquarter in Madrid.

Carolina García, Innovation Manager at Prosegur, states that, given that a significant 32% of Europeans participate in sport events at least once a year, the security of these events becomes an undisputed priority. In this context, Prosegur Security is leading a pioneering initiative in an emblematic sports venue in Madrid, to implement security solutions that mark a before and after in the protection of large crowds.

Prosegur, an active partner in the TrialsNet project.
Prosegur, an active partner in the TrialsNet project.