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TrialsNet will participate in this year’s edition of EuCNC & 6G Summit. It will take place in Antwerp, on June 3-6, 2024. During this edition, TrialsNet organised a special session: Special Session 9 - Large Scale Trials and Pilots: Challenges and Opportunities. In this session, four different projects on large scale trials and pilots funded by the European Union will discuss the main challenges and opportunities from large-scale trials and pilots, as well as provide an opportunity to exchange visions and approaches to sustainability in the large-scale trials. The four projects, namely TRIALSNET, FIDAL, IMAGINE-B5G, and TARGET-X, evaluate trials and pilots using advanced 5G/6G technologies in various vertical sectors under the Stream D, with the goal to incorporate technologies that are currently key enablers for 6G networks, such as AI/ML, cybersecurity, cloud/edge, and advanced IoT solutions etc. Large-scale trials and pilots attract the participation of vertical industries in view of stimulating strong European participation in future downstream standardization phases. Large-scale pilots are carried out from an end-to-end perspective, with representative technologies covering the full value chain, including devices, connectivity, and service delivery. They demonstrate the integration of different IoT, cloud/edge computing environments in public and private domains towards a distributed environment with a landscape unified management able to support the emergence of a European offer and capability in that domain. Framed in this context, the proposed Special Session will show the current status and main challenges of large-scale trials and pilots that are currently taking place in EU countries and across various domains.

TrialsNet will also be present with a booth (numbers 27-29), presenting the project, the different use cases, including both the core use cases and the new one acquired through the Open Call, and interactive demonstrations of some of the use cases.

See you in Antwerp!

EuCNC & 6G Summit
EuCNC & 6G Summit